Welcome to the “North Slope Phase II Community”.  Compliance with the following Rules and Regulations and policies detailed in other North Slope Community Documents will ensure that all occupants of North Slope II enjoy pleasant and harmonious lifestyle.  Whether you are an owner, renter or guest of an owner, these rules are intended to provide a guide to carefree living.  Whether you are on vacation or a permanent resident, your cooperation is in the best interest of all residents.

Owners are responsible for the actions of their family members, guests and renters.  Violations of these rules and covenants may result in the imposition of special assessments or charges and/or the loss of privileges and services.    The loss of privileges may be imposed in addition to special assessments or charges set forth below.  In addition, a special assessment will be levied to repair  any damage caused by failure to follow all rules and regulations.  Note:  Before imposing any assessment, Management will make an attempt to provide one warning (either in writing through a letter or e-mail and/or through personal contact or phone call.

No Shawnee entity or any Owners Association shall be liable for any injuries or damage resulting from violations of, or arising from non-compliance with the Community Rules and Regulations.